Make sure your potential customers remember your brand…set it to music!

A music jingle is a powerful advertising tool. A message set to music is embedded into sub-conscious memory. Ever have a song stuck in your head? So, have millions of others. With a custom jingle, that song could be your audio brand. Coke - it’s the real thing. Have it your way at Burger King. These are musical slogans that are still remembered by millions of people, even though those ad campaigns ran their course many years ago. A sales pitch is instantly forgettable, but once a catchy piece of music works its way into your brain, it’s there for good. A jingle also provides continuity in your advertising. It reinforces your brand every time it is heard, even though the sales pitch may change. A jingle is, in effect, a logo you can hear!

American Media Sound & Video will work with you to determine the tone and message that you want to convey through music. We'll come up with a genre and tempo that will evoke the "feel" of your business or product. For example, let's say "Bob's Diner" would like to mount a radio advertising campaign featuring a custom jingle. Is there a theme to the diner? (e.g. "All American Food", "1950's style", "Greek Food", etc.). This will obviously affect the "tone" and "feel" of the music and the melody composed for the specific purpose of evoking an emotional response in the listener and connecting it with your brand. This is something that is very hard to achieve with generic background music.

A jingle can take a couple of different forms; a full sing is basically a 60 second (or 30 second) song with lyrics that deliver your message. A donut is a song with your audio brand sung at the head and tail and an empty musical space in between, in which voiceovers, sound effects, etc. are inserted. Depending on your needs, we can put together a jingle package that includes multiple edits (example: 60 second full sing, 60 second donut, 30 second sung at head only, 30 second donut, 30 second sung at tail only, 15 second short sing, 15 second music only, etc.), and can be used for radio campaigns, or in TV spots.

We can also craft non-musical comedic, dramatic, or informational radio spots that will engage and captivate your target demographic. Skits, scenarios, characters, voices, bring in your idea and we can flesh it out for you, or let us create a memorable campaign for you! We can even incorporate your jingle in to the scene!

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